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DYI web designing provides real-time and project-based web designing training in Chennai. We cover all designing skills includes html5, css3, bootstrap 4, js, and adobe xd. Here we will teach web layout creation using adobe xd and convert the design into coding using html5, css3, booststrap4, and js. At the end of class completion, you can create your own website with responsive and cross-browser compatibility.

Weekdays (4 - 5 weeks)

Online available
Offline available
Mon - Fri (7am - 10pm)
Duration (1.5hours)

Weekends(4 - 6 weeks)

Online available
Offline available
Sat - Sun (9am - 6pm)
Duration (3hours)

What you learn in Web designing course in Chennai ?

Level 1

Basics of Web Designing

  • Web designing introduction
  • Static and Dynamic Web designing
  • Code Editing Software
  • HTML Tags
  • Usage of attributes
  • Types of CSS
  • CSS properties and values
  • Basic Web Designing Layout using HTML and CSS
  • Practice Project
  • Doubts Clarification
Level 2

Mobile Responsive

  • HTML5 Semantic Tags
  • Usage of audio video tags
  • CSS3 Media Queries
  • CSS3 aimations
  • Background video
  • Device Compatibility Web Designing
  • Web designing layout using HTML5 and CSS3
  • Practice Project
  • Doubts Clarification
Level 3

Bootstrap Framework

  • Introduction to Bootstrap4
  • How to inlcude Bootstrap4 to our page?
  • Bootstrap4 classes
  • Bootstrap4 Customisation
  • Fontawesome icons
  • Web designing layout using HTML5, CSS3 and Boostrap4
  • Practice Project
  • Doubts Clarification
Level 4


  • Introduction to Javascript
  • JS - Syntax
  • JS - Varibales, Functions, Arrays, Data Types
  • JS - Forms
  • JS - Objects
  • JS - DOM Event
  • JS - Browser BOM
  • Web designing layout using HTML5, CSS3, Boostrap4 and Javascript
  • Practice Project
  • Doubts Clarification
Level 5

Additional Usages

  • How to inlcude Google fonts?
  • How to inlcude External fonts?
  • Usage of svg, png , jpg, gif
  • Convert svg icon to font
  • Where to get Icons
  • Best practices and Bad practices of Web Designing
  • Practice Project
  • Doubts Clarification
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Work with us, to get the best web designs. We offer end-end customer support right from making new websites or revamping your old websites. Our web services are done with a wide level of innovation and creativity. Our web services are customized as per requirements and we deliver quality websites. Our designs are striking and eye-catchy.

No batch classes. Complete one to one Web design training.
You can choose own timings according to your schedule
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About our Trainer
Dyi -Web designing trainers are experienced professionals who have worked for International corporate clients.
Web designing trainers at Dyi are friendly instructors who guide you at the time of training and after completion of the course too.
Our web designing trainers teach you real time projects and with current trends in web design.
Our web designing trainers will teach you more on practical sessions with more examples.
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DYI(drop your ideas) is a professional web design company and web design training in chennai anna nagar where in 25+ projects done and 30+ working Pro fessionals,

Web Design Training in Chennai

no:5/16, 3rd floor, radial building, anna nagar west extension, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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Zahabia ZC
3 review
6 days ago

I was looking for an online Web design course during this lockdown period and came across dyi web designing institute. Firstly I would like to commend the tutor, Mr. Bharath, who is a very resourceful trainer. He always clarifies your doubts immediately, gives enough practice tasks so you can learn on your own, I never felt like I was being rushed whilst training, he let me take my time and understand each lesson, and overall the training was excellent. Secondly, the number of subjects that are listed to be covered are exactly what is covered in the training and he goes out of his way to help you when you need help in understanding something. You don’t normally get this kind of training in other institutions. He also gives feedback for any post course support you may require which I think is of great value. I highly recommend DYI Web designing training.